This app is available on Google Play.
This app is available on Google Play.

What kind of app is
Tel-No Search?
Tel-No Search is an app that automatically identifies phone numbers that are not stored in your phone book and displays the search results on the screen during an incoming call. This makes it unnecessary to search for a phone number after receiving an incoming call, and allows you to decide whether or not to answer the call based on the Google search results during that incoming call. Why not use this app to free yourself from the ordinary stress you've become accustomed to?
Image when receiving a call
Tel-No Search's two major features
Tel-No Search's two major features
It displays search results during an incoming call!
It displays search results during an incoming call!
When a call comes in from an unregistered phone number, Tel-No Search automatically identifies it and displays the search results on the screen during an incoming call. So you don't have to look up the number yourself, you can quickly decide whether or not to answer the call.
You can easily search for unregistered missed calls!
You can easily search for unregistered missed calls!
You can easily search for a missed call from unregistered number without copy and paste.
It's easy to use!
Just download and set up in order!
Image of step 1
Download the app and
tap "Start".
Image of step 2
Allow the app to be overlaid
on your phone's settings.
Image of step 3
Allow it to run
in the background.
Image of step 4
Allow access to call history
and to your contacts.
Image of step 5
Allow outgoing and
managed calls.
Image of step 6
Now you're all set!

With this simple setup,
you can easily
start using Tel-No Search!
*Depending on your phone model, the order of display and item names may differ, or that setting screen may not be displayed.
*Only incoming calls received through the handset's standard phone application are searched.
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Can I use the app for free?
Yes, you can use it for free.
What is the paid version?
The paid version has an additional function to automatically record calls to unknown numbers that are not registered in the phone book.
Do I need to do something after downloading?
Initial settings are required to display search results.
*Please click here for more information.
Can the app identify the person at any phone number?
If there is a word-of-mouth posting or a website in the search results, the app will identify who the caller is.
Are search results displayed continuously?
They are displayed during an incoming call, and when the call hangs up, the search results will disappear as well.
Is it possible to temporarily stop recording by the paid version?
There is no function to temporarily stop recording.
If you do not need the recording feature, please cancel your subscription.
Search results do not appear on the screen at the same moment as the incoming call rings. Is there a problem?
The app is programmed to display search results 1-2 seconds after an incoming call.
Search results for a phone number are not displayed. Why not?
Please note that incoming calls will not be searched if you use a phone app other than the standard phone app of your device.
I turned off my phone and the app is not working. What should I do?
If you restart your device, please start the app once because the number will not be searched.
If it suddenly stops working, please start the app as well.
After updating the app, the search results are no longer displayed. What should I do?
Please start the app in the same way as the answer to the above question.
Search results are not displayed on the screen on my Xiaomi device. What should I do?
Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Tel-No Search > Other Permissions, tap "Show on lock screen" and select "Always allow".
Will my battery drain faster after installing apps?
It will affect the charge slightly because the app will always be in standby mode.
However, there are no complex operations, so the battery will not decrease quickly.
Can I use it on my iPhone (iOS)?
Sorry, no. Currently only the Android version is available.
Please try this app for yourself!
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